Kaveh Golestan


Seyyed Kaveh Tagvi Shirazi (July 17, 1329 in Abadan – April 13, 1382 in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq) known as Kaveh Golestan, was an Iranian news photographer, documentary maker and videographer.

Life and activities

With his sister Lily Golestan
Kaveh Golestan was the son of Ebrahim Golestan and Fakhri Golestan, the wife of Hengeme Golestan and the father of Mehrak Golestan. Kaveh Golestan’s profession was story writing and cinema directing, photography and journalism. The publication of Golestan’s photographs of the events of the Iranian Revolution and the Iran-Iraq War in many reputable Western press made his name a household name among international photojournalists and won him awards.

Kaveh Golestan produced three series of photographs “Prostitute”, “Worker” and “Madman” in 1354-1356. It took about a year and a half to take 61 photos of the “Prostitute” collection in the Shahr No neighborhood.

Kaveh Golestan taught photography in art colleges in Tehran since 1373 and worked as a cameraman at BBC since 1378.

I want to show you scenes that will hit you like a slap in the face and disturb and endanger your security. You can not look, you can turn off, you can hide your identity, like murderers, but you can’t stop the truth, no one can. A word from Kaveh Golestan in recording the truth


The grave of Kaveh Golestan in Afjeh village in Lavasanat, Tehran province. It is written on the tombstone: “He was killed on the way to record the truth”.
Kaveh Golestan was killed by a mine explosion on 13 April 1382 while performing a filming mission for the BBC news channel in the front line of the American war against Iraq, in the border town of Kufr, 130 km from Kirkuk in Iraq, which was under the control of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

  • Birthday: July 8, 1950
  • Death: April 2, 2003
  • Birthplace: Abadan, KHouzestan, Iran

Photojournalist, Photographer, Documentary Filmmaker

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