Massoumeh Seyhoun


Massumeh Seyhoun was born in 1934 in Rasht, her birth name was Monir Noushin. Later her family settled in Ahvaz. She had changed her name to Massumeh. She studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran, where her teacher was Hooshang Seyhoun, architect, sculptor, painter, who in several years had become her husband. They had two children, a son Nader and a daughter Maryam.

When Seyhoun’s health started failing in the mid-1990s, she passed control of the gallery to her son Nader. Her daughter, Maryam, opened the Seyhoun Gallery, Los Angeles, on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, an outpost of the Tehran gallery in the United States. The gallery exhibits Iranian expatriate artists and artists based in Iran, many of whom have worked with the Seyhoun Gallery in Tehran.

Massumeh Noushin Seyhoun  was an Iranian painter, curator, and gallerist. She was the founder (1966) of Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, the longest-lived art gallery in Iran.

Seyhoun Art Gallery was founded in 1966 in Tehran by Massoumeh Noushin Seyhoun, herself a painter whose modern works long appeared in many events in Iran and abroad.

Seyhoun Art Gallery Indeed the most long-lived art gallery in Iran, has presented and promoted virtually all the leading figures in contemporary Iranian Art and has successfully pursued its fundamental planned activities—notwithstanding interruptions due to social and political unrest (the revolution of 1979)—, holding more than 1200 painting, sculpture, photography and graphic art exhibitions as well as touching on other present-day international trends, such as installation art, conceptual art, video art, digital art …

Holding first exhibitions of modern Iranian art pioneers and encouraging this country’s talents are not the sole reasons of Seyhoun Art Gallery’s importance and authority; they are also due to its other endeavors, such as partaking in the formation of Iranian modern art, contributing to the profitability of contemporary Iranian art, holding official art fairs, participating effectively in artistic policymaking, simplifying and guaranteeing Iran’s artistic relations with Western countries, offering expertise and pricing services regarding classical and modern Iranian art …

Seyhoun Art Gallery hopes to always remain faithful to its long-lasting ideals regarding Iranian plastic arts, and to succeed, in the light of its now considerable experience, in identifying and introducing new lasting talents whose works conform to international principles while retaining an Iranian identity.

  • Birthday: 1934
  • Death: 21 May 2010
  • Birthplace: Rasht, Gilan, Iran

Painter, Curator and Gallerist

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