Nasser Cheshmazar


Nasser Cheshmazar (born January 1, 1950 – died May 5, 2016) was a contemporary Iranian composer, arranger, and musician. Childhood and education He was born in Ardabil. His ancestors were Baku immigrants and their previous surname was Ibrahimov, who was later changed to Ebrahimzadeh by his father and eventually Cheshmazar. His father, Ishmael, played the fiddle and strings and played with his friends at public and family gatherings and celebrations. He married Azizeh Paziralasl in Ardabil and the result of this marriage was four children. Nasser was their third child who immigrated to Tehran with his family when he was five years old. He completed his primary education at Babataher Eryan Primary School and his secondary education at the Theological and Amin al-Dawla High Schools, where he received a natural diploma. From an early age, he and his brother Manouchehr studied the basics of music with his father and became particularly interested in the accordion. Professional Activity Nasser Cheshmazar started his artistic activities seriously as a teenager, so he did not continue his education after graduating and entered the labor market. At the age of eleven, he joined the Azerbaijani Orchestra of Radio Iran with his father, and two years later received a special music award in high school for playing the accordion. He started playing the piano as a teenager with the private training he had received and underwent advanced courses in this instrument with masters such as Morteza Hananeh and Emmanuel Malik Aslanian. He gained his first experience playing professional accordion with singers such as Pouran and Ramesh and was not more than eighteen years old when he went to Iraq to perform in a group led by Habibullah Badiee. From there he went to Europe and played music with Googoosh for a few months. After returning and at the age of twenty-one, he conducted the Parviz Gharib Afshar Television Orchestra and since then he has written many works for famous Iranian singers such as Hayedeh, Googoosh, Mahasti, Homeira, Dariush, Ramesh, Maziar, Farzin, Sattar. , Toofan, Morteza, Aref, Manouchehr Sakhaei, Leila Forouhar, Shahrokh, Abi, and… composed and arranged. He immigrated to the United States on December 10, 1978, to run his nightclub, where he also studied film music but returned to Iran in 1984 with the death of his father. His main activities after the Islamic Revolution in Iran were dedicated to composing film and serial music. personal life Cheshmazar is married to Shirin Ahmadlou and has a daughter named Rana. passed away Nasser Cheshmazar died of a heart attack in Tehran on Friday, May 5, 2016, and his body was buried in front of Vahdat Hall in the Behesht Zahra artists’ section of Tehran.

  • Birthday: 30.12.1950
  • Birthplace: Ardabil, Ardabil, Iran
  • Interview date: 02.03.2018 – 10.03.2018

Musician, Composer and Conductor

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