Mohammadreza Darvishi


Darvishi, Mohammad Reza (born October 1955) Iranian contemporary Musician Childhood and Educations Darvishi was born in Shiraz and when he was only 12 started to play violin and it was the starting point of his music training. In 1974 he entered the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University and in 1978 was graduated from that faculty in the field of music composing. Among his most well-known masters are Mostafa Kamal Poor Torab, Parviz Mansoori, Hormoz Farhat, Ahamd Pejman, Morteza Hannaneh, Lucet Delin, Mehdi Barkeshli, Pari Barkeshli, Shahin Farhat, and Mohammad Taqi Masoudieh. Professional Activities Darvishi has lectured periodically in the Faculty of Music of Art University and the Department of Music of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University. He has delivered many speeches about Iran Music in other countries such as Germany, Russia, and the USA. He has been the secretary of the 4th Festival of regional music which was held in Kerman. In 1983 he also entertained a goal set to travel to the various parts of Iran and the fruit of this travel is recording tens of hours of music of the last narrators of Iran verbal culture, recording hundreds of hours of intimate chatting with the masters of the regional music, taking 1500 frame of photos and slides of the works of the masters and the ceremonies of Iran music. Achievements 1. Publishing many series of regional music 2. Leading and programming the most outstanding music festival in the field of the music of Iran contemporary era 3. Implementing Various research programs under the name of Qoqnoos Collection 4. Composing music for about 20 movies (some of them have been the winner of celebrated festivals like the Festival of Canne. 5. Establishing and organizing the Group of Ancient Music Instruments 6. Programming for the formation of an orchestra of Iran National Music Instruments 7. Offering the project of cultural Identity in Iran music and follow it for two decades 8. Introducing the Iran regional music as the base and the root of Iran Music 9. Propagating and developing the Iran regional music among the young people in the rural areas, universities, and … 10. Encouraging the cultural institutions to support financially the masters of the regional music in various parts of Iran 11. He was Nominated as the prominent Iranian musician by the Iran Music National Committee to receive the music prize from the General Director of UNESCO Authorships (Books) 1. 20 local songs of Fars Province with the trend of Looking at the West 2. Iran Epic Music (a collection of articles) 3. Mirror and Vocal Song (a collection of articles) 4. About Art and Literature (an interview with Naser Hariri) 5. About Iran Music (an interview with Mohsen Shahrnazdar) 6. The Norooz Song Singing (52 Norooz and springtide songs) 7. The Music of South of Iran (Hormozgan, Bushehr, and Khuzestan) 8. Tradition and Alienation in Iran Music, and Ecstasy (the invocations of Baluchestan, Guati Ceremonies) 9. Through the Songs and Silences (a selection of speeches and written discourses) 10. A study on the Iranian Music Instruments (joint work with Arfa` Otraei) 11. Haft Orang (joint work with Bahman Boostan) 12. Where is Leyli (a short contemplation on the music and culture) 13. Encyclopedia of Iranian Music Instrument, Vol I/the string, percussion, and bow instrument (sound of the bowstring in various regions of Iran). In 2002 the Encyclopedia was known as the best source of introducing instruments by the International Society of Ethnomusicology (S.E.M.) 14. The Encyclopedia of Iranian Music Instruments Vol. II/ percussion instrument with parchment and without parchment (the sounds of parchments and minor sounds) 15. The Encyclopedia of Iranian Music Instrument Vol. III/air sounds in the process of authorship; the music of Qeshm Island and affiliated islands (Hormos, Hengam, and Lark) 16. Shoq Nameh (the book of passion) the songs ascribed to Abdolqader Maraghi (joint work with Negar Pouyan, Behzad Mirzaei, and Sirus Jamali) the sound work (cassette and CD) 17. Mazandaran Music/singer: Abol Hassan Khosrow, Norollah Alizadeh Zemestan/singer: Shahram Nazeri 18. The Season of Rose/singer: Iraj Bastami 19. The Soul of Lovers (joint work with Parviz Meshkatiyan), Singer: Master Mohammad Reza Shajarian 20. The Enameled Dome (Gonbad-e-Mina), joint work with Parviz Meshkatiyan, singer: Master Mohammad Reza Shajarian 21. The selected works for cinema and theater (a selection of about 60 films and 3 theater) 22. A collection of 5 CD of conversions / for the string orchestra (in print), the Moscow performance 23. In the silence of Midnight Sun (joint work with Hossein Behroozinia), two live performances in Liege, Belgium 24. Time and Reincarnation (4 pieces within 40 years) in the process of publication, vocal symphonic suite, “Tehran”, singer: Hamid Reza Noorbakhsh

  • Birthday: 18.10.1955
  • Birthplace: Shiraz, Fars, Iran
  • Interview date: 28.09.2016 – 03.10.2016

Musician, Composer and Conductor

Ahmad Pejman

Raphael Minaskanian

Esmaeil Tehrani

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