Majid Derakhshani


Derakhshani was one of Mohammad Reza Lotfi’s students and members of the first Sheida group. He released the album “Children of Spring” with Hossein Alizadeh and the album “Dandelion” with the voice of Mehdi Akhavan Sales in the 1981s. But he immigrated to Germany in 1984 and settled in Cologne. During this time he was teaching music and performing Iranian music. Also in 1996, he accompanied Mohammad Reza Shajarian as a composer and string player on the album Khayal. He returned to Iran in 2005 after 21 years and founded the Khorshid group and performed 15 concerts with this group in Tehran, other cities, China and France. He also released albums such as “Man Tarbam”, “Bidar Delan”, “Fasal Baran”, “Taranjestan”, “Az Bodan va Saroudan” and “Asmaneh”. In the summer of 2007, Majid Derakhshani performed concerts for UNESCO in Paris with his band and two groups from Tajikistan and Afghanistan on the occasion of Rumi’s 800th birthday. Majid Derakhshani has accompanied Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Ava Ensemble in concerts in Europe, USA and Iran since 2006. During this period, two works called “Ghoghaye Eshghbazan” and a concert by Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Ava Ensemble were performed and released to the market. Mohammad Reza Shajarian founded a band in 2008 and named it Shahnaz in honor of Jalil Shahnaz (a famous tar player). Since then, Mohammad Reza Shajarian has worked with this group. One of the important features of this band is the use of Mohammad Reza Shajarian’s innovative instruments, which are made by him, and some of them have features that can be used to replace Western instruments such as the violin. During this period, two drunken audio albums of Rendan Mast and Morgh Khoshkhan and a video album of the concert of Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Shahnaz Ensemble were performed and released in Dubai. Professor Shajarian together with Shahnaz Ensemble held a world concert tour in 2010, two of which have been published. The concert of Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Shahnaz in Dubai, whose name was mentioned above, is one of these concerts and the other effect of the concert is in London, and it was officially broadcast by the BBC. Majid Derakhshani (head of Shahnaz group) considers these two concerts as the most successful concerts of this group and many of Mohammad Reza Shajarian’s innovative instruments have been used in these concerts. Shahnaz Ensemble will once again hold a world concert tour in 2014. In an exclusive interview with the Shajarianiha website, Majid Derakhshani said that he is more interested in composing than playing music. Although his former teacher, Mohammad Reza Lotfi, invites him to play the solo, he is drawn to composing. In 2010, Derakhshani composed the album Chavoshi with the voice and lyrics of the Third Brotherhood, which was published by Zemstan Publishing. In October 2012, Majid Derakhshani, accompanied by Khorshid, released the album Moment Pure on Homayoun and Mahour, sung by Hossein Reza Asadi. After the Sun group, he founded the Moon group. Majid Derakhshani pays special attention to the music of his hometown, namely the music of Sangsar. He has composed several musical works in Sangsari dialect, among which we can mention works such as Pitko, Imam Reza, Warsh, Baz Bemeh Viar, Lullaby, etc. He has produced three music albums for Rahim Adnani in Bakhtiari music and music. It also has Iranian origin. Shabnam Silk Album is one of the outstanding works made by him.

  • Birthday: 13.09.1956
  • Birthplace: Tehran, Tehran, Iran
  • Interview date: 22.05.2017 – 11.06.2017

Musician, Composer and Instrumentalist

Bijan Kamkar

Hossein Alizadeh

Mohammad Reza Darvishi

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