Mohammad Esmaeili


Mohammad Esmaeili with the original name “Mohammad Ali Ismaili Matin” was born on September 25, 1963, in Tehran. In 1330, he was introduced to “Hossein Tehrani” by his uncles Morteza and Mostafa Gorginzadeh. In 1337, he worked in the music groups of the Ministry of Culture and Arts and started collaborating in the national music orchestras and the Tonbak group. After 5 years, he performed national music programs and introduced them to African, Asian, European, and other countries. An American traveled and made plans. From 1343, he taught at the National Conservatory of Music, and in 1345, he became the head of the Tonbak group of the then Ministry of Culture and Arts. In 1343, he became a Tonbak student at the National Conservatory of Music, replacing his teacher. The style of playing Mohammad Ismaili is the style of Hossein Tehrani. Mohammad Ismaili makes full use of Tombak facilities such as wood and Tonbak grips. Mohammad Ismaili has a long history of solo playing with the orchestra. One of his duels (questions and answers) with Santour Faramarz Payvar is one of them. In the 1360s, under the leadership of Faramarz Payvar (Santour) and accompanied by Jalil Shahnaz (Tar), Ali Asghar Bahari (Kamancheh), and Mohammad Mousavi (Ney), he formed a group of Iranian music professors and with this group, made several trips to European and Asian countries. And America had. He has a first-class degree in art, equivalent to a doctorate. He has arranged about 15 fantasy pieces on Iranian rhythms, the most famous of which is a piece called Ronma. The wedding ceremony of “Mohammad Ismaili” was held on Thursday, December 30, 2017, in the presence of a group of artists in Tehran’s Vahdat Hall. In this ceremony, which was organized by the “Rad No Andish” cultural institute, “5 decades of effective efforts of Professor Mohammad Ismaili in the field of Iranian music and tombak playing” were appreciated. Playing a short film of Mohammad Ismaili’s artistic activities, performing the music group “Ostad Payvar” under the direction of “Saeed Sabet” and singing “Ali Reza Fereydounpour” and performing the group “Tombak Nawazan” led and played by “Mohammad Ismaili” and playing the daf “Ehsan Ghadami “was one of the parts of this ceremony. Majid Ismaili is the son of Mohammad Ismaili, a cellist, and musician living in Tehran.

  • Birthday: 26.08.1934
  • Birthplace: Tehran, Tehran, Iran
  • Interview date: 29.12.2016

Musician and Instrumentalist

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Raphael Minaskanian

Keivan Saket

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