Mansoureh Ettehadieh

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Mansoureh Ettehadieh was born in 1933 in Tehran to a noble family. Influenced by her family atmosphere, she soon became interested in reading books and began studying at a very young age. Hiring a French-speaking Polish teacher to teach her( during World War II) and attending
the Jandarak School led to his mastery of the French language. She went to England to study in high school, completed her university education by choosing the field of history, and in 1956 she
succeeded in obtaining a master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh. Mrs. Ettehadieh then returned to Iran and was employed as an instructor at the University of Tehran. In 1977, on the
recommendation of Dr. Zaryab Khoyi, she went abroad to study for a doctorate, and by writing her doctoral dissertation entitled “Political Parties in the Constitution of the First and Second Parliaments”, she succeeded in obtaining a Ph.D. in history from the University of Edinburgh.
After returning to Iran, Dr. Ettehadieh taught Qajar history, recent 100-year movements, and Middle East history at the University of Tehran for many years. In 1983, she established
“Publication of the history of Iran” and expanded his scientific activities. She has published many historical works and documents that are of great importance.
Attention to political history, social history and women’s history is one of the most important fields of activity of this prominent historian, writer and publisher. Some of her works and books are: “Mohtasham al-Saltanah” (works, thoughts, documents and political biography of Hassan Esfandiary in three volumes), “Nosrat al-Dawleh” ( collection of correspondence, documents and
memoirs ofFirOllZ Mirza Firouz in three volumes), “History of Ghaffari” (In collaboration with
Sirus Sa’ dvandian); “Memoirs and Documents of Hussein Qoli Khan Nezam al-Saltanah M.afi”;
“selectedfromthecollectionofdocumentsofAbdolhosseinMirzaFarmanfarma”(in collaboration
with Sirus Sa’ dvandian); “Pandemic cholera; Documents and correspondence of Abdolhossein Mirza Fannanfanna”; “Abdul Hussein Mirza Fannanfanna; Political and social time and record
“; ” Way of living in the Qajar era”; “Statistics of the Tehran Caliphate: Documents from the
Social History of Tehran in the Qajar Era” (in collaboration with Sirus Sa’dvandian), “Memoirs
of Taj al-Saltanah” (in collaboration with Sims Sa’dvandian); “Emergence and Transformation of Constitutional Political Parties (First and Second round of National Consultative Assembly”;
“Parliament and elections from the constitution to the end of Qajar”; “This is Tehran: a collection of articles about Tehran 1890-1965 AH”; Translation of the books “The Method of Historiography”; “The Fall of the Sassanids: Foreign Conquerors, National Resistance and the Image of the End of the World”; And the book “Life, Time and the Works ofBeyhaqi”, “HalfHidden” (Iranian women on the eve of the twentieth century).
During her years of teaching, Dr. Ettehadieh has made many efforts to educate students, and a generation of researchers, especially female researchers.

  • Birthday: 1933
  • Birthplace: Tehran, Tehran, Iran
  • Interview date: 26.04.2022 – 15.05.2022

Historian, Publisher and University Professor

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