Bita Fayyazi

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– Personal Life and Introduction to Art

– Benetton Book Project

– Road Kill (Dogs)

– Children Of the Dark City

– Creche 2008

– Diva 2004

– Falling Figures 1999

– On – Off 2004

– On The Road 2003

– Play Ground 2008

– The Vaudeville

– Cockroaches 1998

– Performance 2013

– Truncated 2013

– Riders Fallen Walkers 2012

– Section 2005

– How Does Art Influence Us?

– From Idea to Exhibition

– If You Weren’t a Sculptor?

– Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?

– How is Teaching in Your Workshop?

– What is the Reflection of Iranian Nationality in Your Works?

– Which Exhibition of Yours Do You Have the Fondest Memory of?

– What is Your Benefit from Exhibitions?

– Interaction with the Audience

– How Do You Deal with Criticism?

– Human and Nature

– Importance of Communication

– Does an Artist Have a Social Role?

– Establishing Balance

– Advice to Young Artists

– Reading Books and Watching Films

– Past, Present, or Future?


Bita Fayyazi (born 1962 in Tehran) is an Iranian artist and pioneer in the field of Iranian public art projects. She is known for her theatrical, large-scale work. Fayyazi currently lives, works and teaches at a private studio in Tehran.

Fayyazi has 15 years work experience in the fields of ceramics and sculpture, with much of her work categorized as “dark ceramics” due to the subject matter. She lived in England for a period of 7 years and returned to Iran in 1980.

She participated in the Iranian Pavilion at the 51st Venice Biennale in 2005 and has exhibited at, among others, Espace Louis Vuitton, Paris (2008 and 2010), the Museum of Modern Art in Freiburg (2007) and the Pergamon Museum, Berlin (2008). She has exhibited in two group exhibitions at Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery, Paris, notably in Be Crowned with Laurel in Oblivion (2010) with Ramin and Rokni Haerizadeh and the Stock Exchange of Visions project in 2007.

Bita Fayyazi was born in Tehran, spent seven years in England, and returned to Iran in 1359. She began her artistic journey in her youth by learning pottery, and from then on, she focused on showcasing concepts through sculpture and arrangement. In 1372, she held her first solo exhibition titled “Paintings on Walls and Abstract Forms” at the Isfahan Classic Gallery. The installation “Animal Deaths on the Road” was one of Fayyazi’s early prominent works, executed in 1376 on the streets of Tehran. It featured 200 sculpted figures of dogs appearing to be killed in a road accident. In 1377, another installation, this time consisting of 200 crow sculptures, was organized by the artist; these crows were created in a workshop in a dilapidated building, set up by Fayyazi along with several other artists, and displayed on a nearby street. In the same year, she won the Special Prize at the Sixth Tehran Contemporary Ceramic Art Biennial. Bita Fayyazi has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions, including the show “Children of the Dark City,” held with Maziar Bahari, Khusrow Hassanzadeh, and Sadeq Tirafkan, and the group exhibition “Figures Falling,” presented at the Sayhoon Gallery in 1379. In 1380, Fayyazi showcased a display of 2000 ceramic insect sculptures titled “Contemporary Iranian Art” at the Barbican Center in London. In 1384, she participated in the fifty-first Venice Biennale with an installation titled “Part,” consisting of a cloud of bronze baby sculptures, which was acquired by the Benton Group. Fayyazi also exhibited the work “When I Was Still a Child…” at the XVA Gallery in Dubai in the same year. Additionally, in 1386, her solo exhibition was held at the Khak Gallery. In the same year, she participated in Art Fair Abu Dhabi with Gallery B21O, and in 1387, her works were exhibited in the group show “Easterners Without Borders” at the Louis Vuitton Center in Paris. She was also recognized as a member of the jury for the Eighth Saba Cultural and Artistic Center Ceramic and Glass Biennial in 1386. In 1390 and 1393, respectively, Fayyazi held two solo exhibitions titled “The Untold Life Stream; But I Still Drink My Afternoon Tea” and “Reconfiguration: Selected Works from 1998 to 2014” at the Isabelle Van den Eynde Gallery in Dubai, and in 1391 and 1392, exhibitions titled “Made, Unmade, Doable – Riding, Falling, Walking” and “Shortened, Part II” were held at the Khak Gallery. In 1392, Fayyazi exhibited the work “Sculpture on the Beach” at Art Fair Art Dubai, presented by the Isabelle Van den Eynde Gallery. She also participated in Art Dubai in 1396 and 1398, and in Tehran Art in 1397, with the Khak Gallery. Her latest works titled “The Dinosaur Has Lost Its Arms and Legs” were exhibited in the group show “Projects Outside the Hands” in 1399 at Fiac Art Fair by Underground Hands, and in 1400 at Plus2 and Khak Gallery at Art Fair Art Dubai, as well as by Plus2 at Art Fair Asia Today and Artissima.

  • Birthday: 1962
  • Birthplace: Tehran, Tehran, Iran
  • Interview date: 03.01.2016 – 12.01.2016

Painter, Sculptor and Pioneer of Iranian Public Art Projects

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