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Karim Ghorbani, born on July 28, 1957, in Tehran, is an Iranian musician renowned for his expertise in playing the violoncello. In 1969, he entered the Tehran Conservatory of Music and later joined the Tehran Symphony Orchestra as the principal cellist. Ghorbani has been actively involved in various musical projects, collaborating with distinguished Iranian musicians.

In addition to his career as a performer, Ghorbani has contributed to numerous albums, spanning various genres of Iranian music. Some notable works include:

– “Imam Ali” – Farhad Fakhreddini

– “Smoke of Oud” – Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Parviz Meshkatian

– “Scent of Rain” – Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Hossein Yoosefzamani

– “Breeze of Union” – Mohammad Javad Zarabian and Homayoun Shajarian

– “Bread and Clown” – Mohammad Esfahani

– “Shame of the Era” – Homayoun Khosravi and Ali Reza Ghorbani

– “Flight” – Shadmehr Aghili

– “Mirror and Cry” – Hossam Al-Din Seraj

– “More Serene than the Sea” – Shahram Nazeri

– “Hidden like a Heart” – Hamid Reza Noorbakhsh

– “Eternal” – Mohammad Noori

– “Lasting Glows” – Mohammad Noori

– “Perpetual Images” – Mohammad Noori

– “Iran Land” – Kambiz Roshan Ravan and Bijan Bijani

– “Scent of Flowers” – Bijan Bijani

– “Four Seasons” – Bijan Bijani

– “From Karkeh to Rhine” – Majid Entezami

– “Timeless in Love” – Majid Entezami

– “Iranshahr” – Kambiz Roshan Ravan and Bijan Bijani

– “A Thousand Melodies” – Parivash Gorgin

– “Truth Resembling a Dream” – Mohammad Mehdi Gorangi

– “Shabaneh” – Hossein Zaman

– “Season of Love” – Salar Aghili

– “Heart, O Heart” – Akbar Golpaygani

– “Hazara Awa” – Alireza Assar and Foad Hajizadeh

– “Understanding” – Mohammad Reza Fortin and Babak Zarin

– “Uneasiness” – Hamed Askari

– “Change” – Hamid Eskandari

– “As Long as There Is Breath” – Shahram Shokohi

– “With the Stars” – Mohammad Javad Zarabian and Homayoun Shajarian

– “Traveler from India” – Mohammad Mahdi Gorgangi

– “Divine Love” – Alireza Assar and Fuad Hajizadeh

– “I Get You” – Mohammad Reza Foroutan and Babak Zarin

– “Path of Restlessness” – Babak Jahangiri

– “Doctor of the Heart” – Siavash Shahabi and Mohammad Javad Zarabian

– “Flowery Tale” – Masoud Khadem

– “Memories of Life” – Hossein Khajehamiri

– “In the Flower House” – Iraj Bastami and Hossein Parnia

– “Celestial Gaze” – Hossam Al-Din Seraj and Ali Rahimian

– “In White Hair” – Akbar Golpaygani

Karim Ghorbani has made significant contributions to Iranian music both as a performer and through his involvement in various musical productions. His work is celebrated for its depth, emotion, and technical prowess, earning him recognition and appreciation in the Iranian music scene.

  • Birthday: 28 July 1957
  • Birthplace: Tehran, Tehran, Iran
  • Interview date: 26.11.2016

Musician and Cellist (Cello Player)

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