Jamal Mirsadeghi

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– Childhood

– Adolescence and Family Life

– University Education

– Beginning of Writing Career

– Published Works

– Experiences and Work Methods

– Foreign Travels

– About the Arta Project

– Conditions of Being a Writer and Successful Disciples

– Difference Between Short Stories and Novels

– Masters of the Short Story in the World

– The World of Stories

– Difference Between Folktales and Short Stories

– Responsibilities of a Writer

– Reasons for the Lack of Influence of Ancient Persian Tales on Contemporary Writers

– Effects of Editing

– Storytelling in Iranian History

– The Latest Definition of the Short Story

– Conditions of Being a Writer and Successful Disciples

– Use of Local Language in Stories

– Does Bestselling Guarantee Longevity?

– Early Short Story Writers in Iran

– Storytelling After the Revolution

– Notable Figures

– Shazdeh Ehtejab

– Freedom

– Root of Intolerance of Opposing Views

– Contemporary Iranians’ Predicament

– Concerns and Vision of the Future

– Literature and Politics

– Did Figures Like Hedayat Clash with Society?

– Impact of the Coup on Iranian Writers

– About Mossadegh

– Relationship Between Universities and Storytelling

– Decline in Reading

– About Copyright

– Do You Believe in Unconditional Love?

– What Amazes You the Most?

– Definition of Happiness

– Your Biggest Wish

– Intentions to Write Memoirs

– Description of Yourself

– Hope and Despair


Jamal (Hossein) Mirsadeghi (b. 1933) is an Iranian writer. He was born in Tehran, and graduated in Persian Literature from the Literature and Human Science Faculty of Tehran University. He held various jobs as an aide, teacher, library staff, and examination designer for governmental employers and staff in the National Old Document Centre, and as a creative writing lecturer. He has written ten novels, numerous short stories, a fiction dictionary, and published some research on literature and the short story. His writing has been translated into English, German, Armenian, Georgian, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Hebrew, Arabic, Hungarian, Urdu, Hindi and Chinese. He lives in Tehran and teaches creative writing and short story writing.

In 2012 Ali Zare Ghanat Nowi wrote the screenplay of The Lights, which he also produced and directed. It’s about Jamal Mirsadeghi, his life and writings.

  • Birthday: 9 May 1933
  • Birthplace: Tehran, Tehran, Iran
  • Interview date: 24.09.2019 – 22.10.2019


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