Fereydoon Joneydi


Fereydoon Joneydi was born on the 20th of Farvardin 1318 in the mountainous region of Rivand Neishabour in Khorasan. Joneydi Iranologist; He is a writer and lecturer at the university and a researcher of ancient culture and languages. His specialized field of activity is Shahnameh research. He founded the Neishabour Foundation in 1979 and is now the director of the Neishabour Foundation. Joneydi has spent years editing Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh in order to separate the added verses of Shahnameh from them and publish an edited version of Shahnameh. Joneydi has been a professor at the Sharif University of Technology, Tehran and Kerman for many years and has taught ancient languages and Shahnameh. Then, due to the contradiction of the university approach with his ideas, he started teaching only freely. He is currently teaching the ancient languages of Iran for free and holding Shahnameh reading, Shahnameh studies, and Shahnameh research associations at the Neishabour Foundation. Since 1985, he has also published several issues in the Iranian Culture Research Journal. Effects: Editing Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh (six-volume period) Capitulation and Iran in 1290 AD, by Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh, with an introduction, margins, and comments by Fereydoun Joneydi Pahlavi letter of Sassanid and Parthian Pahlavi script and language, Life and migration of Aryans based on Iranian dialects The culture of the Pahlavi Hazaras Stories of Rostam Pahlavan (eleven volume collection) Zarwan, Measuring Time in Ancient Iran (About the Occasions of Days and Months of the Year in Ancient Iran) Fazl Ibn Shadan Neyshabouri and the Battle of Thoughts in Post-Islamic Iran, First Edition 1981

  • Birthday: 10.04.1939
  • Birthplace: Neishabour, Khorasan, Iran
  • Interview date: 30.06.2019 – 14.07.2019

Reasercher, Writer and Shahnameh Specialist

Reza Shabani

Jaleh Amouzgar

Mir Jalaledin Kazzazi

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1 year ago

Respected Sir, I am Öwais from Quetta by profession I am lawyer, my ancestors was belong to Zoroastrian faith and after they were converted into muslim faith. Respected sir My question is that those were converted form Zoroastrian religion their family name is Pahlavi, and those Iranians are pure Zoroastrian why they not write Pahlavi as caste or family name , and second question Pahlavi family resided at Iran now a days other than shah family . I will be waiting your answer .

And Best regard

Öwais A. Pahlavi