Sharif Lotfi


Lotfi, Sharif (born May 16, 1950), Iranian eminent contemporary, music pedagogue, conductor, and player Childhood Sharif Lotfi was born in Rasht and when he was 10 years old due to his father’s job, left Rasht for Tehran along with his family. At 12 by father’s encouragement who himself was one of the apprentices of Master Abul Hassan Saba enrolled in the Tehran Music Conservatory. Education Lotfi after receiving his high school diploma and B.A. was granted a scholarship to study music in Germany from Tehran Music Conservatory. Lotfi who has been trained to play horn under the supervision of Master Hannaneh in the Tehran Conservatory, followed his training in the Music Academy of Hamburg by the oversee of professor Bruckner Rogerberg, professor Schroeder‎ and Heinrich Clair in the field of Music Pedagogy and the manners of orchestra conducting and after completing these courses he returned to Iran in 1977. Professional Activities Lotfi after coming back to Iran was accepted as the scientific board of the Music Conservatory and then appointed as the supervisor of the Conservatory. In 1979 he also has been accepted as a member of the scientific board of the Music Faculty of Art University. Later Lotfi tried assiduously to establish the Faculty of Art in the Pardis of Karaj Art University and after receiving the required licenses, started writing the related syllabus. Achievements • Programming and combining the subject headings of teaching interrupted B.A. and M.A. courses • Responsible for programming the first technological courses (the branch of music), (the 5 year practical and scientific courses) • Establishing and running the Music Group of Gilan University, 2011 Position 1. Supervisor of Tehran Music Conservatory 2. Founder and the Conductor of Tehran University Symphonic Orchestra, 1980 3. Conductor of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Bahman House of Culture 4. Founder and Conductor of Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra 5. Founder of the Faculty of Music of Tehran University of Art, 1994-2010 6. The President of Music Faculty of Art University, 1994-2010 7. The first member and one of the founders of the council for evaluating the artists of Iran 8. Membership in the group of art and architecture of Higher Council for programming for Ministry of Culture and Higher Education 9. Membership in the editorial board and supervisor of the music section of Honar Quarterly 10. Membership in the scientific board of the seminar of art and management in the deputy department of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance 11. Membership in the board of coining music words for the Academy of Language and Persian Literature 12. Membership in the scientific board of musical section of Iran studies seminar in the Foundation of Iran Studies, 2001 13. Membership in the Art and Aesthetic group of Studies in the Farabi International Festival, 2009 Works Music Composing 1. The modes of Segah for piano and orchestra 2. The silk Road 3. Etude for Horn 4. Soroosh for violin and orchestra 5. Colorful Mahoor 6. The universal Olympiad Anthem for the university students 7. Arranging the music of various regions of Iran for the orchestra of Iranian local music instruments 8. A piece for singing along with the piano or by a choir group 9. The piece of Nava for 4 Iranian music instruments, 2012 Music for Film and Serial 1. The Mare; directed by Ali Zekan, 1985 2. Saman; directed by Ahmad Nik Azar, 1986 3. At the side of the Marshes; directed by Yadolla No Onsori, 1987 4. The Young Girl at the side of Marsh; directed by Ali Zekan 5. The Wild Gazelle; directed by Hamid Kheyroddin, 1990 6. The serial of Rana; directed by Davood Mir Baqeri, 1990 7. The Steel Bird; directed by Ali Shah Hatami, 1991 8. The Travelers of the Valley of Pomegranate; Yadolla No Onsori, 1991 9. Two Fellow Traveller, directed by Asghar Hashemi 10. The serial of the Fragrance of Jasmine Flower, directed by Bahman Zarrinpoor, 1991 11. The Silence of Mountain, directed by Yadolla No Onsori, 1993 Books • The New Method of the Principles of Performing Music, published by Art University, Tehran, 2001 • Musical Thoughts, Dibayeh Publication, 2003 Awards 1. The Golden Tablet and Honorary Diploma from Fajr Film Festival for the music of the film of Mare, 1985 2. Selected as the prominent professor of Tehran University, 1995 3. Installment and Revealing the statue of Sharif Lotfi in the passage of Artists in the Kish Island, 2000 4. The winner of the prize of Book of Year for the book of The New Method of the Principles of Performing Music, 2003 5. The prize of the Society of Science Promoting, 2014

  • Birthday: 16.05.1950
  • Birthplace: Rasht, Gilan, Iran
  • Interview date: 04.01.2017 – 05-01-2017

Musician and Composer

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