Fakhri Malekpour


Fakhralsadat Malekpour (Fakhri Malekpour) was born on Sepyember 24, 1935, in Tehran. His father, Seyyed Zabihullah Malekpour, accompanied many artists, so he started playing the piano with Morteza Mahjoubi at the age of nine. For 12 years, she studied arranging and singing Iranian music along with the works and style of Morteza Mahjoubi. He played the third instrument with Ahmad Ebadi and introduced herself to singing with Adib Khansari. She learned the familiarity with tombak from Hossein Tehrani and the basics of composition from Ali Tajvidi. She also studied classical music with Fawzia Majd for some time. She has collaborated with artists such as Parviz Yahaghi, Mahmoud Khansari, Assadollah Malek, Farhang Sharif, Reza Varzandeh, Hassan Kasaei, Abdolvahab Shahidi, and Mohammad Reza Shajarian. In addition to playing and composing, he has been teaching piano for many years. She is mentioned as the only student and direct narrator of Morteza Mahjoubi. Malekpour says about Morteza Mahjoubi, the founder of Iranian national music and also Rahi Moayeri: As a child, I grew up with Rahi Moayeri and Morteza Khan Mahjoubi. They always came to our house and I got used to listening to original Iranian instruments from those years. Mr. Mahjoubi came one day and told my father that this kid was very interested in the instrument and that I should let him teach it. When I was only seven years old, Morteza Khan put me behind the piano and taught me. Of course, I also played games, but from the age of 9, everything became very serious for me. She used to come to our house and teach me. In September 2017, a ceremony honoring the artistic status of Fakhri Malekpour was held at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall. In December 1397, in our fourth music festival, a special music award was given to Fakhri Malekpour and he was honored. Fakhri Malekpour was also honored at the closing ceremony of the 34th Fajr Music Festival in February 2017. Among the works of art of Bano Fakhri Malekpour, the following can be mentioned: Master’s Exercise Oh Rain »(Accompaniment with the song of Mohammad Reza Shajarian) To that Mani with the song of Muzaffar Shafiee Spring wind Imagination mirror Ms. Malekpour, In all these seventy years of playing the piano, they have maintained their complete loyalty to the principles, techniques, and subtleties of the method of their teacher, Morteza Khan Mahjoubi, and have avoided irregular empiricism and arbitrary interference in their teacher’s teachings. This is one of the most important characteristics of a classical artist: the insistence on the precise preservation of frameworks and the cultivation of a free feeling within it, which trains the talented artist at the same time, both original and creative.

  • Birthday: 24.09.1935
  • Birthplace: Tehran, Tehran, Iran
  • Interview date: 21.09.2017

Musician and Instrumentalist

Novin Afrooz

Raphael Minaskanian

Keivan Saket

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