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MANSURI, ZABIH-ALLAH (ذبیح الله منصوری, Ẓabiḥ-Allāh Ḥakim-Elāhi Dašti, b. Sanandaj; d. Tehran, 8 June 1986), prolific, and arguably the most widely read journalist, writer, and translator, who also wrote under the pseudonyms  “Nāṣer” and “Pištāz” (Etteḥād, p. 134). His date of birth is variously recorded as: 1909 (Afšār, p. 589; Etteḥād, p. 134), 1895 (Ṣāleḥyār, p. 135), and 1897 (Jamšidi, p. 48).  On account of these conflicting figures, he has been dubbed as “a man without a birthday” (Bāstāni Pārizi, p. 807)…. more

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Zabihullah Mansouri was one of the most prolific translators in the history of press and literature, a journalist, a writer and, according to himself, a light weight boxing champion. He started studying at the Alliance School in Sanandaj, which was run by the French; After some time, he went to Kermanshah with his father’s mission and learned French from a doctor who knew this language well. When he returned to Tehran and his father died, he took charge of the family’s expenses and had to stop studying. In 1301, he started working as a translator of stories, articles and scientific materials at the same time as the establishment of Sooreh newspaper….. more

Zabihollah Mansouri’s translations have stirred up heated debates among scholars and critics for more than half a century as for authenticity and fidelity, to the extent that some have imparted these texts with authorship in the guise of translation… more