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Hadi Marzban, born in 1945, in Sabzevar, is an Iranian theater director and actor.

He has a BA in Acting and Directing from the Tehran University Faculty of Dramatic Arts. He began stage acting in 1966. He has an MA in Scenic Design from Brunel University in the UK. He made his cinematic debut in 1987 with the film Forester.

Marzban graduated from the Tehran Faculty of Fine Arts in 1998 and started his career in theater in 1999. He also has a master’s degree in “Theatre Design and Direction” from “Brunel University of England” in 1979. He also started acting in cinema in 1986 with the film Jangalban directed by Manochehr Haqqaniparast. His wife, Farzaneh Kabuli, is an actress and movement designer. Hadi Marzban staged ten famous works of Akbar Radi during four decades. He has a first degree in art (equivalent to a doctorate).

Plays: Seeker; (Imed Alachai) Tehran, Sangalj Hall; 1358

Scream (Mahmoud Rahbar) Tehran, Shahr Theater, Qashqai Hall; 1360

The staircase; (Akbar Radi) Tehran, Shahr Theater, Main Hall; 1363

The prince and the beggar; (Sergei Mikhalgov) Tehran, Shahr Theater, Main Hall; 1365

Slow with roses; (Akbar Radi) Tehran, Shahr Theater, Main Hall; 1367 Hamlet with

seasonal salad; (Akbar Radi) Tehran, Shahr Theater, Main Hall; 1369

Tambourine player; (Mohammed Rahmanian) Tehran, Shahr Theater, Main Hall; 1372

Amez Qalamdoun; (Akbar Radi) Tehran, Shahr Theater, Chaharso Hall; 1376

Night on the Wet Pavement; (Akbar Radi) Tehran, Shahr Theater, Main Hall; 1378

Phoenix; (Hadi Marzban) Tehran, Vahdat Hall; 1379

Mir Eshq; (Amir Dejakam) Tehran, Vahdat Hall – Isfahan, Bahman Cultural Center; 1379 – 1380

Our night view garden; (Akbar Radi) Tehran, Shahr Theater, Main Hall; 1381

Memories of the second role actress; (Bahram Baizaei) Tehran, Sangalj Hall; 1382

The turn of madness; (Parviz Zahedi) Tehran, Vahdat Hall; 2013

Rainy City Melody; (Akbar Radi) Tehran, Shahr Theater, Main Hall; 1384

Below, the passage of Saqaqhana; (Akbar Radi) Tehran, Vahdat Hall; 1385

Mr. Gill’s glorious smile; Tehran, main hall; 1386

Hamlet with seasonal salad; (Akbar Radi) Tehran, Sangalaj Hall; 2008

Water thief (Amir Dejakam) Tehran, Razavi International Festival; 2008

Khanumche and Mahtabi; (Akbar Radi) Tehran, Azadi Tower Hall, 1389

Hot Egg Tango, Vahdat Hall, 2013

Lover’s market; Vahdat Hall 1395 Theatrical Company: Ali Nasirian

Slow with roses; (Akbar Radi) Tehran; Sangalj Theater, autumn 2017

Dr. Noon loves his wife more than Mossadegh; Vahdat Hall, spring 1401

  • Birthday: 1945
  • Birthplace: Sabzevar, Khorasan, Iran
  • Interview date: 15.04.2017 – 13.05.2017

Theatre director and Cinema Actor

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