Mohsen Mirzaei


Mohsen Mirzaei, an Iranian journalist and historian, was born in Zanjan in 1311 AH. Mohsen Mirzaei is one of the graduates of the first journalism course in 1335, and in the same year, he also obtained a bachelor’s degree in Persian language and literature from the university. Also, Mirzaei studied in Washington in fields related to advertising. He started working with Facopa advertising agency in 1337. According to this veteran of the advertising industry in Iran, “Facopa” implemented the first real advertising campaign in the scientific sense in 1335-36 for Shahpasand vegetable oil. In addition to Facopa, Mirzaei has also cooperated with a beautiful advertising center, one of the most stable and largest advertising agencies in Iran. This journalist and historian, who started journalism with the newspaper “Information”, entered the profession of journalism in 1335 and cooperates with the press mostly in the field of producing and publishing reports on the political history of Iran. Authors, lasting works and research articles of Mohsen Mirzaei are: • Publication of recovered documents of Iran’s constitutionalism in the collection “28 thousand days of the history of Iran and the world” – Information newspaper, 1352 • Two-volume collection “Twentieth Century” – Iran newspaper, year 1373 • Middle East political events; From the fall of the Ottoman Empire to today – Iran Publications, 1392 • Two-volume collection “History of Cossack Brigade and Division (from Colonel Domantovich to Reza Khan Mirpanj Sawadkohi)” • The four-volume collection of Gholam Ali Khan Azizul Sultan Malijak’s memoirs • 6-volume collection of 230 years of commercial advertisements in the Persian language press

  • Birthday: 17.02.1933
  • Birthplace: Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran
  • Interview date: 18.02.2016 – 26.02.2016

Journalist, Historian and Writer

Reza Shabani

Abdolhossein Nikgohar

Javad Mojabi

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