Kambiz Roshanravan

Kambiz Roshanravan (Persianکامبیز روشن‌روان, born 9 June 1949) is an Iranian musiciancomposerconductor and music teacher. As one of the famous composers in Iranian classical and traditional music, he has composed or arranged various works in these styles using well-known Western and Iranian forms such as: symphonysonatasymphonic poemconcerto, row music forms and local music. His professional life is divided into three parts: composing, teaching and professional activity in the music community. During his career he has created many works for film musicvocal musicsymphony orchestra and chamber, and for many years he has tried to teach, write books, pamphlets and articles in the field of education, He is referred to as an expert musician in theoretical and harmonious discourses….. more

Kambiz Roshanravan (کامبیز روشن‌روان) has been a Music Composer in the following movies: Countdown, Birth Of A Butterfly, The Spouse, City of Women, A Thousand Women Like Me and… more


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Kambiz Roshanravan is known for My Lady (2003)Divine One (1976) and Return of the Hero (1991)….more

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