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Pari Saberi (born on 21 March 1932 in Kerman) is a theater director, playwright and novel writer. He created the Pazargad Theater Group and established the Molavi Hall in Tehran. Saberi received the French Legion of Honor in 2004.

After finishing high school, Pari Saberi went to Paris to continue his studies in cinema and theater. During his student days, he made a short film about one of Khayyam’s quatrains, which was chosen as the best student film of 1954 in France. After that, in 1955-8, he studied theater at Tanya Balashova School and returned to Iran in 1324 after a period of studying in Spain.

Upon returning to Iran, Saberi created the Pazargad Theater Group. Also, in 1347-57, he was the director of extra-curricular activities of Tehran University and established Molavi Hall in Tehran. He translated UNESCO’s Rhinoceroses play twice (after Jalal Al-Ahmed’s translation) into Persian, and Hamid Saarigian staged it at Tehran University in 1350. Later, this play was translated and published by Ahmed Sahmeh Mesk under the name “Rhinoceros”.

He went out of Iran after the 1357 revolution. In these years, he wrote the play “Man from where, love from where” about the life of Forough Farrokhzad and performed it in Los Angeles in 1981, which was very successful. He then performed it in English at the Olympic Games Arts Festival, which was still well received. Then he decided to return to Iran.

In Iran, he was not well received at first, but he gradually resumed his theatrical activity and staged the plays “Man Beh Bagh Irfan” about the life of Sohrab Sepehri and “Heft Shahr Eshgh” inspired by Attar Nishabouri. Following these successes, he wrote and directed other works, which according to him, the show “Flying Shams” about Molavi is one of his best works.

“Flying Sun” and “The Legend of Siavash” are two plays that Pari Saberi staged at the UNESCO Hall in Paris. The knighthood of France has been given to Perry Saberi.

  • Birthday: 21.3.1932
  • Birthplace: Kerman, Kerman, Iran
  • Interview date: 10.06.2017 – 19.12.2017

Drama and Theater Director

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