Susan Aslani


Susan Aslani was born on February 26, 1958, in Tehran. His father was a poet and musician and played the strings, and his mother was a tambourine player. After completing his primary education, he entered the National Conservatory of Music in 1341, under the direction of Mehdi Moftah, and began playing the santur with Faramarz Payvar. He also learned vocal and instrumental accompaniment from Mahmoud Karimi and harmony and composition lessons from Hossein Dehlavi. After Mehdi Moftah, Hossein Dehlavi was elected as the director of the National Conservatory of Music, which lasted for 10 years. In 1345, she married Hossein Dehlavi. After a few years, he traveled to Germany and Austria to study music with Hossein Dehlavi, and after returning to Iran, he continued his music education at the Higher Conservatory of Music. At that time, he took a recruitment exam at the Ministry of Culture and Arts and was hired as a music student. He started teaching music at the Conservatory of Music in 1978, and after that he taught music at the Zoroastrian Association for 20 years. Since 1985, he has performed various concerts inside and outside Iran. He founded the music group “Khojasteh” and officially staged it in 1995. Susan Aslani taught at the Conservatory of Music for 33 years and led the Conservatory Orchestra for 10 years. He performed several concerts of works by artists such as: Abolhassan Saba, Ruhollah Khaleghi and Hossein Dehlavi. He was also a member of the jury of the “Avaye Mehr Music Festival”. His eloquent works have been performed with singers such as: Ali Rostamian, Bahram Sarang, Davood Fayazi, Salar Aghili, Alireza Golbang, Mohsen Fathi, Mahmoud Bagheri and Bahram Tajabadi. He has a first degree in art from the Ministry of Guidance. Among the works of Susan Aslani, the following can be mentioned: Written works: The book “Spring Dance” (a collection of pieces in Isfahan song for Iranian song and ensemble in eleven parts) The book “Khosrow and Shirin” (introduction and training of the instrument and the songs of Shoor, Bayat Turk and Dashti) The book “Compositions and Parts in the Nova and Rast Panjgah Instruments” (for Iranian instruments and group playing) The book “Santour Duo” (with Hossein Dehlavi) Audio works: Composing the music album “Boi Perchin” sung by Ali Rostamian Composing the music album “Khojasteh” (Santour solo) with Siamak Banai Composing the music album “Spring Dance” with the voice of Alireza Golbang (Alireza Mohammadi) Composing the music album “Lost Look” with the voice of Alireza Golbang Composing the video album “Nova and Rast Panjgah Concert” (Memorial of Mahmoud Karimi) sung by Bahram Sarang Playing in the music album “Nawa Ghorbat” composed by Maliheh Saeedi and sung by Noureddin Razavi Sarvestani

  • Birthday: 27.01.1948
  • Birthplace: Tehran, Tehran, Iran
  • Interview date: 13.11.2017

Musician and Instrumentalist

Bijan Kamkar

Raphael Minaskanian

Keivan Saket

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