Reza Shabani


Dr. Reza Shabani was born in 1317 in a religious family in the village of Zamghabad, Taleghan. He spent the first six years of elementary school in the village where he was born and ten Dunblade, and then came to Tehran to continue his education. He completed his secondary education in “Gharib” and “Marvi” high schools and then studied and graduated in history and geography at Tehran University. At his suggestion, he went to the deprived area of ​​Dehkord to teach, and after 9 months of teaching, he was elected head of the Dehkord Nomadic University. With the dissolution of the country’s nomadic schools in 1341, Dr. Shabani was transferred to Isfahan and taught the history of Iranian civilization and culture at the University of Isfahan. In 1344, he participated in the master’s degree exam in history at the University of Tehran, and after obtaining a master’s degree, in 1346, he went to France to study for a doctorate in history and studied at the Sorbonne University. Dr. Shabani returned to the country after receiving a specialized doctorate and began teaching at the University of Isfahan and the National University (Shahid Beheshti). He has taught at open universities as well as Cambridge, England. In addition to publishing 200 specialized articles in Persian, French and English, Dr. Shabani has authored and edited 20 books. He has been the director of the history department of the country’s universities for many years and is one of the five prominent historians on the subject of the Afshari and Zandi dynasties in the world. Dr. Shabani has been the director of the History of Civilization Group of the International Center for the Dialogue of Civilizations since January 2000 and the director of the Persian-Iranian Research Center in Islamabad. Books Basics of Social History of Iran, Reza Shabani, Publisher: Qoms History of Socio-Political Developments in Iran in Afshari and Zandieh Periods, Reza Shabani, Publisher: Organization for the Study and Compilation of University Humanities Books (Position) A brief overview of the history of Iran: from the beginning of the Median era to the end of the Qajar period, Reza Shabani, Publisher: Sokhan Kourosh Kabir, Reza Shabani, Publisher: Cultural Research Office History of Iran in the Afshari era, Reza Shabani, Publisher: Sokhan Karim Khan Zand, Reza Shabani, Publisher: Cultural Research Office Generalities of Iranian History, Overseas Center, Persian Language and Literature, International Students, Reza Shabani, Shahnaz Soltanzadeh, Publisher: Payame Noor University Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari in the Afshari era, from the fall of Safavids to the rise to power of Karim Khan Zand, 1163 – 1135 AH, Reza Shabani, Qasem Fattahi, Publisher: Saman Danesh – 2004 Iranians and National Identity, Reza Shabani, Publisher: Publishing Organization of the Institute of Islamic Culture and Thought Shakib, Reza Shabani, Mohammad Baqer Khosravi, Publisher: Yar Roshan – 2004 Nader Shah Afshar, Reza Shabani, Publisher: Cultural Research Office – 2002 The Decline of the Naderi Government: A Historical Screenplay about Nader Shah Afshar, Babak Kazemi, Reza Shabani (Introduction), Publisher: Pashtoon Book of Iran (Excerpts from the History of Iran), Reza Shabani, Publisher: International Al-Huda – 2010 History of Iran in the Afshari era, Reza Shabani, Publisher: Sokhan Kourosh Kabir, Reza Shabani, Publisher: Parmis Dariush Bozorg, Reza Shabani, Publisher: Cultural Research Office Life Report: Excerpts from Historical Articles: Dr. Reza Shabani, Haroon Vohoman (ed.), Publisher: Paniz

  • Birthday: 26.05.1938
  • Birthplace: Abyek, Qazvin, Iran
  • Interview date: 09.06.2019 – 16.06.2019

Historrian, Writer and Reasercher

Nasrollah Pourjavadi

Ali Mirsepasi

Hassan Javadi

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