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Ali-Akbar Shekārchi (Persian: علی‌اکبر شکارچی) (born on March 25, 1949, Cham-Sangar, Do Rūd, Lorestan, Iran) is an Iranian musician and kamancheh player. At an early age, Shekārchi entered the Tehran Academy of Arts. While attending the College of Fine Arts at Tehran University, Shekārchi became the student of Master Ali asghar Bahari. He learned the Radif of Persian classical music with various masters of the tradition including Dariush Safvat, Noor Ali Boroomand, Mahmood Karimi, Yusef Forutan, Saeed Hormozi, and Jalal Zolfonun. 

Ali Akbar Shakarchi on the 6th of Farvardin 1328 in Rosti Istgah Chem Sangar from Bakhsh Papi Lorestan was born. Nawakhten of the city of Kodki under the influence of the local Nawazandgan, aghaz Kurd, and by taking a diploma and serbazi service at the age of 23 years in Tehran, it was lifted and in the year 1350 of the year 1354 of the year of the city of Tehran. Rhythmic verses and pieces from the classes of Dariush Safwat, Nur Ali Promand, Mahmoud Karimi, Youssef Fruton, Saeed Hormzi and Jalal Zulfanun Bahra Bard. Or in the long run where he asked her Hamwara from Amouzhai Ali Asghar Bahari Neez Soud Bard. Ali Akbar Shekarchi in the 1356th edition of Nakhstin Azmoun, the musicians of Barbad. Ali Akbar Shahnazi, Dariush Safwat, Mehdi Forough, Mehdi Barakshali and Debiri Hoshang Ibtihaj, the first group of Nawazandgi as well. 

In the year 1358 of the Zebai-e-Zaybai-e-Danishgah of Tehran, the city of Tehran, the holy city of Sura, the canon of Henry Cheng and the canon of Farahangi and Henry Chavush are taught by Bardakht. Ali Akbar Shekarchi, the teacher of the present day of the 15th stanza of the stanza of Karshanasi Arshad Buddhist. 

They are two of the founders and directors of Kanoon Farhangi, Henry Cheng, and Chowdhury Buddhist. antiquities Khalq Lr’s music (Where is Ajra Durrmah 1358 Anjam Shad and Bil Nam A album of Khalq L’r’s music has been bazaar Amed, and it’s a soldier after Shad’s arrest) (Ba Hamkari Hossein Alizadeh) bell Kohsar BEST TRANAH KHAN LRY Karwaneh Khoninshahr (joint card with Ata Cengok) My pieces of music Baharabad (with the sound of Iraj Rehmanpur) Brothers sisters Audio album, dedicated to Mirza Abdullah with a violin (1373) Music of the movie “Khun Bass” (Branda Award by two cinema critics) – Karadan Nasir Gholamzaei (1369) Ashqana (1386) (with Asara Shakarchi in Tambek) Il Bang Chrag Afrokhteh album (By the joy of Asara Shekarchi’s song) – video and video clip (completely performed by Mirza Abdullah with violin) Heftad Naghameh in Prabrabad (a cover book of poetic satires (translation of poems and song lyrics) and local music scores, both in my choice and a CD duo of Heftad Naghma) Music by Hadi Marzban Khwansh Awazhai album Mirza Abdullah Ba Nam Mashq Nam Layli Dur Dest Insharh Est. And two volumes, 2 volumes, of a book of equivocal weight, which are divided into sections, and analysis of the best studies, as a matter of widespread opinion. 

The book Amuzesh Novin Kamancheh (purple) in two volumes: the first volume for beginners, the second volume for its honor.

  • Birthday: 25 March 1949
  • Birthplace: Dorroud, Lorestan, Iran
  • Interview date: 29.10.2016- 09.11.2016

Composer and Kamancheh Player

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