Abdolrahman Emadi


Abdolrahman Emadi was an Iranian writer and researcher.

Emadi attended village schools in Rudsar, Rasht, and Qazvin before completing his secondary education in these cities. During the Mossadegh era (1952), he obtained a law degree from the University of Tehran.

Simultaneous with his legal practice, Abdolrahman Emadi delved into research in Iranian studies, with some of his articles published in reputable journals over the past half-century.

– “Dilmon Parsi and Dilmon Palvi,” Amoot Publication, 2013
– “Damavand or Gobavand,” Amoot Publication, 2012
– “Hundreds of Names in the Caspian Sea,” Amoot Publication, 2011
– “Farh Gahan (Selection of Research Articles),” Gilkan Publication, 2010
– “Bi, Bihe (Selection of Research Articles),” Gilkan Publication, 2010
– “Asmankat (Several Folk Rituals),” Amoot Publication, 2009
– “Lamdad (Several Essays on Iran),” Amoot Publication, 2009
– “Twelve Spring Flowers (A Look at the Literature of Daylam and Tabaristan),” Amoot Publication, 2009
– “Hamzeh Azark and Harun al-Rashid (In the Mirror of Two Names),” Amoot Publication, 2009
– “Khuzestan in its Vocabulary,” Amoot Publication, 200

  • Birthday: 1926   January  24
  • Death: 2019   May  15
  • Birthplace: Deylaman , Gilan, Iran

Writer and Researcher

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