Bijan Taraghi


Bijan Taraghi (born March 3, 1930, in Tehran – died April 25, 2009, in Tehran) was an Iranian poet and lyricist.

The melodious “Atash-e Karavan” (Caravan of Fire) is one of his most famous songs. Bijan Taraghi composed memorable songs such as “Bahar-e Delneshin” (Enchanting Spring), “Atash-e Karavan,” and “Barg-e Khazan” (Autumn Leaf), as well as the patriotic song “Vatanam” (My Homeland), performed by Salar Aghili.

Bijan Taraghi was born on December 1, 1929, in Tehran.

The song “Bahar-e Delneshin” was a collaboration between Bijan Taraghi and Rouhollah Khaleghi. This song became immortalized with the voice of Banan.

Bijan Taraghi, along with Parviz Yahaghi, composed three enduring songs: “Barg-e Khazan,” “Efsaneh-ye Mohabbat” (Legend of Love), and “Mizdeh” (Drunk), all sung by Marzieh.

It is said that Bijan Taraghi introduced a fresh style into Iranian songwriting.

Mahmoud Khoushnam, an expert in Iranian traditional music, said:
Bijan Taraghi’s most important role was to enhance the narrative aspects and storytelling of songs and add visual elements to them, which can be seen in “Atash-e Karavan” and also in visual songs like “Barg-e Khazan.”

According to Mr. Khoushnam, Bijan Taraghi’s collaborative trilogy with Parviz Yahaghi shares similarities in terms of form and structure, including Yahaghi’s broad introduction to the songs and Taraghi’s focus on visual aspects in the lyrics.

His collection of compositions is gathered in a book titled “Atash-e Karavan” (Caravan of Fire).

In the book “Az Posht-e Divareha-ye Khaterat” (From Behind the Walls of Memory), he collected fifty years of his memories related to poetry and music, including anecdotes with poets and composers such as Nima Yooshij, Shahriar, Parviz Yahaghi, Abolhasan Saba, Rahi Mo’ayyeri, and Ali Tajvidi.

It is planned that his further memories will be released in a book titled “Panjare-ye Be Bagh-e Gol” (A Window to the Garden of Flowers). Taraghi began collaborating with Radio Iran in 1956.

Taraghi started his literary activities with masters such as Malek al-Sho’ara Bahar, Amiri Firouzkuhi, Nima Yooshij, and Shahriar, and had close collaborations with famous artists and composers of his time such as Abolhasan Saba, Reza Mahjoubi, Ali Tajvidi, Dariush Rafii, and Parviz Yahaghi.

He passed away at 2 a.m. on April 24, 2009, at the age of 80, at his home.

This eminent lyricist, who suffered a heart attack in the summer of 2008 and saw his illness worsen, once said:

“Even though people still whisper my songs, I have been forgotten. Since I fell ill, no one asks about me.”

Bijan Taraghi’s grave is located in the Artists’ Section of Behesht-e Zahra Cemetery.

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Notable Compositions
Some of his notable compositions include:
– “Mizdeh Shab Cho Meikade Baz Ayam”
– “Barg-e Khazan”
– “Be Zemani Ke Mohabbat Shode Hamchon Efsaneh”
– “Sabram Ata Kon”
– “Mara Nafribi”
– “Bahar-e Noorsideh”
– “Be Khater-e To”
– “Jam-e Madhoushi”
– “Soroush-e Asemani”

  • Birthday: March 3, 1930
  • Death: April 25, 2009
  • Birthplace: Tehran, Tehran, Iran


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