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Houshang Etehad is a researcher, author, and creator of the 14-volume collection of contemporary Iranian researchers.
His mother was a music and art lover. According to Ittihad, it was his mother who introduced him to books and reading and formed the foundation of his education.
Although he chose the field of horticulture engineering in the university and later continued it until his master’s degree, his main love and passion was literature. Agricultural engineering has been his profession and literature is his lover. The root of this interest should be found in his childhood, where he showed so much interest in literature that his classmates knew him by “literature and poetry”.
This love always stays with him. On the other hand, he is also interested in research work, and during his employment in the parks organization, in addition to doing the assigned work, he is also engaged in research. Gradually and with more study, he noticed a big gap in the literature: “I realized that we have biographies of poets, musicians, etc., but we don’t have biographies of researchers, and researchers have really been paid less attention, and our biographical literature lacks the branch of researchers, characters who are the inheritors of a huge cultural heritage and They are the authors of the past and the founders of its continuity and survival in the future generations. After a few months of fighting with himself and knowing that he will lock himself in between self-help books when he starts researching in this field, he takes a step on this path.
Since then, he has tirelessly and lovingly engaged in this work for more than two decades, and according to his own words, he was so engrossed in writing that sometimes he did not feel the passage of time and did not realize when and where the sun rose. He finally succeeds in writing a fourteen-volume collection of contemporary Iranian researchers.
The great collection, which Shafii Kodkani has considered to be a rare reference book in terms of attracting the audience and the combination of taste, research and impartiality in it, and Iraj Afshar considers it a reliable and cited book.
After finishing this work, Etihad did not stop and researched contemporary musicians. The result of his years of effort is another collection titled “Faces of Contemporary Iranian Music”. A comprehensive collection in which all the people who have contributed to the promotion of traditional Iranian music in some way, including composers, musicians, singers, instrument makers, music researchers, conductors, songwriters, etc., have been addressed.

  • Birthday: 19.05.1938
  • Birthplace: Babol, Mazandaran, Iran
  • Interview date: 13.08.2022 – 12.04.2023

Author and Researcher

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