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Dr. Karim Mojtahedi, Professor of the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, University of Tehran 26th-grade professor, University of Tehran – Faculty of Literature and Humanities – Department of Philosophy Born in 1309 AH. Place of birth: Tabriz Education: He studied until the second grade of an elementary school in his hometown, then in Tehran, he completed the rest of the elementary courses at Ferdowsi Elementary School and high school education at “Firouzbehram” and “Alborz” College. At the age of eighteen, he went to France to continue his education and studied philosophy at the Sorbonne University in Paris, which is the most important university in France. At that time, he was the only Iranian who was able to pass the general entrance exam of “Proptodic” and in the following years, instead of the four “certificates” required to obtain a bachelor’s degree, he obtained seven “certificates”. It is as if he has achieved this degree twice. He also completed his master’s degree at the same university. The title of the treatise was “Examination of Kant’s Transcendental Analysis” under the guidance of the famous professor of Paris “Jean Wall”. After that, he returned to Iran for a short time and taught at the university of that time, and then returned to Paris to obtain a doctorate degree. His doctoral supervisor was Professor Gundiak. The treatise had the aspect of comparative philosophy and was related to Eastern philosophies. In this sense, after consulting with the late philosopher and Orientalist Professor Henry Carbone, he translated two treatises of Afzaluddin Kashani into French and in a detailed description, he also compared the thoughts of the late Neoplatonists with Islamic traditions. Some of the late Platonist thinkers are culturally considered to be truly a common boundary between Eastern and Western philosophies. In 1343, he managed to obtain his doctorate degree and returned to Iran in the same year. In Tehran, under the suggestion and guidance of the late Yahya Mahdavi, he has been teaching in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Tehran, and has continued to do the same work for more than thirty-five years until his retirement (spring 2012) until recently with fewer hours. He has also taught French literature for several courses at Tehran University’s master’s degree. Now he no longer teaches, but occasionally gives lectures in various academic and cultural centers and some domestic and foreign conferences. Works: Dr. Karim Mojtahedi wrote many works in French or translated them from Farsi in his youth. Parts of this writing have been published in the form of articles or books, both in France and in Iran, of which we mention only two of them here. 1- La chute d’Alamout 2- Afzaladdin Kashani, Iranian Philosopher. For the first time, “Philosophy” magazine has been published as an appendix to the Faculty of Literature magazine In total, he has published more than a hundred articles in Persian and French, and he has a number of joint writings with other colleagues In addition, it is necessary to remember that he was selected as one of the first group of lasting figures in 2013 and since 2015 he has been working closely with the Research Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies as a researcher in the Department of Western Studies. He received the UNESCO and Ibn Sina World Gold Medals and was selected as a Distinguished Professor by the National Elite Foundation in 2013. In Iran, his philosophical and specialized works are more famous, and the most important ones are listed here in the order of publication date: – Some short philosophical discussions, Tehran, Aburihan 1348 Kant’s Critical Philosophy, 1st Tehran, Homa 1363 – 2nd Tehran, Amirkabir 1378 – 3rd Tehran, Amirkabir 1380 – 4th Amirkabir 1385 – 5th Amirkabir 1388 – 6th 1390 Seyyed Jamaluddin Asadabadi and New Thought, Tehran, Tarikh Iran Publishing House, 1363- Ch 2- Tehran – Publishing History of Iran 1385 – About Hegel and his philosophy, Tehran, Amirkabir 1370, Ch 2 77 – Ch 3 – Tehran, Amirkabir 1385 – Ch 4 1389 – A look at new and contemporary philosophies in the Western world, Tehran – Amirkabir Ch 1-1373 – Ch 2-1378- Ch 3-1385 – Phenomenology of the soul according to Hegel, Tehran, Scientific and Cultural, Ch. 1, 1371 – Tehran, Scientific and Cultural Ch. 2, 1380 – Ch. 3, 1383 – Philosophy in the Middle Ages, Vol. 1, Amirkabir, 1375- Vol. 2, Amirkabir, 1379- Vol. 3, Tehran, Amirkabir, 1385- Vol. 4, Amirkabir, 1387 – Dons Scotus and Kant according to Heidegger, Tehran, Soroush, 1376-Ch 2 – Soroush 1388 – Logic from Hegel’s point of view, Tehran – Research Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies 1377 – Familiarity of Iranians with the new philosophies of the West – Tehran Institute of Contemporary History of Iran 1379, Ch 2 1384- Ch 3 1389 – Islamic and Western schools and universities in the Middle Ages – (group work) – Tehran – Research Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies 1379

  • Birthday: 01.09.1930
  • Birthplace: Tabriz, East Azarbaijan, Iran
  • Interview date: 01.01.2020 – 12.02.2020

Philosopher and Writer

Nasrollah Pourjavadi

Abdolhossein Nikgohar

Javad Mojabi

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