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Maliheh Saeedi (1327 / Tehran) Qanun, researcher, teacher, composer, author, and former director of the Girls’ Music Conservatory, started playing music at the age of four with Tonbak. , Graduated from that conservatory and in 1976 from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran in the field of music, and finally, in 2002 she succeeded in obtaining an art degree from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. She learned violin, alto violin, flute, piano, tonbak, and law while studying at the conservatory and university. But she chose the law as his specialized instrument. She studied law with Master Mehdi Moftah as the second instrument maker in the conservatory. Then in 1347, he started teaching law at the National Conservatory of Music. In addition, she benefited from the presence of professors such as Dr. Dariush Safvat, Noor Ali Boroumand, Mahmoud Karimi, Yousef Foroutan, and Saeed Hormozi at the Center for the Preservation and Dissemination of National Music. Dad. She is the first person to play the law completely with the characteristics of modern Iranian music (national music school; with the index of masters such as Ruhollah Khaleghi, Javad Maroufi, etc.), and this procedure with effort and experience over the years. He has learned music from many different professors and his studies in the conservatory. With her continuous efforts to improve the quality of playing the law, at present, the law is considered the first instrument of vocational schools, and its specialized diploma is awarded to students. In music schools, up to the master’s level, this instrument is awarded a specialized degree. She has been teaching this instrument at the boys ‘, and girls’ conservatory, and the Faculty of Scientific-Applied Music, at the undergraduate level. He published his 22-year research on this instrument in 1990 in the first volume of a book entitled “Law Instructor” with the opinion and cooperation of Professor Hossein Dehlavi, which is the first book in the field of teaching this instrument. In 1992 and 1993, he participated in the Mezrabi Orchestra with 10 of his students under the direction of Professor Hossein Dehlavi, which was the first official presence of the Qanun Ensemble. She has given numerous concerts in Iran and Europe, Canada, and South America. Maliheh Saeedi is currently the leader of two groups called “Neyriz” with a separate presence of men and women. In the years before 1978, in several orchestras affiliated with the former Ministry of Culture and Arts, such as the Saba Orchestra led by Professor Dehlavi, the Women’s Orchestra conducted by Ms. Aflia Parto, the Tonbak Ensemble conducted by Professor Mohammad Ismaili, the National Instruments Orchestra conducted by Professor Faramarz Payvar and He has been teaching and playing in the Center for the Preservation and Dissemination of Music (Radio). The living memory of Master Ahmad Sotoudeh, Maliha Saeedi’s wife, for many years with Maliha Saeedi’s comments and suggestions and the designs of Master Ebrahim Ghanbari-Mehr, making various instruments that were suitable for performing Iranian music both in terms of performance and sound And now his son, Engineer Alireza Sotoudeh, is in charge of making these prototypes. Maliheh Saeedi with female singers: Parisa, Peri Maleki, Horoush Khalili and Peri Zanganeh Numerous concerts in Iran and abroad, including England, Scotland, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Tunisia, Italy, Kuwait, Canada and so on. In addition to judging at numerous festivals and competitions, he has received several awards, statues, and plaques of appreciation from various domestic and foreign festivals and has participated in various symposia, including the Italian “Donna Musica” symposium for his services to music. Received medals. Maliheh Saeedi is currently the director of the Bagh-e-Naghmeha Cultural and Artistic Institute, as well as a law and violin teacher at the same institute.

  • Birthday: 08.07.1948
  • Birthplace: Tehran, Tehran, Iran
  • Interview date: 11.01.2017 – 04.03.2017

Musician and Instrumentalist

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