Keivan Saket


Keivan Saket was born on July 5, 1961, in a cultural family in Torbat-e Heydarieh. From a young age, he encouraged his mother and father to play music and paint. In painting, he was a student of masters such as Ostad Sadeghpour, in design, he was a master of design, in painting and oil and watercolor he was a student of Dulu. He learned in the music workshop for children and teenagers, which was established at that time by the Radio and Television of the time under the management of Morteza Delshab in Mashhad. After a short time, Manouchehr Zamanian returned from Mashhad to continue his education. After a while, a fellow citizen and his uncle’s friend, Hamid Motebassem, who was studying music at the Tehran Art University at the time, came to Mashhad and at the same time taught in a music workshop, where he remained a teacher for about two consecutive summers. Keivan Saket founded the Vaziri group in 1996 and has performed many works with this group. In 1990, he was invited to the Aref Ensemble as a soloist at the invitation of Parviz Meshkatian. Meshkatian with the string and solo solo of Keyvan Saket and the song of Alireza Eftekhari Other activities of Keyvan Saket include various concerts inside and outside Iran. He has founded the Keyvan Saket Orchestra with more than 60 musicians and singers who have successfully performed numerous concerts in Tehran and Mashhad and most cities in Iran and around the world. Row books written by Saket are taught by Tar and Sethar teachers In December 2009, Keyvan Saket withdrew from the Fajr Music Festival in sympathy with the victims of the downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane by the Revolutionary Guards. Effects Albums and performances “Jamehdoran” Tar and Tonbak solo in Isfahan, Shoor and Chahargah “Lightball” is a performance of 18 four beats written in the book Lightweight “O Watan” Reconstruction and performance of some works of Master Alinaghi Vaziri with the singing of Fazel Jamshidi and piano by Hooman Khalatbari “Introduction to plainsong” Performing some lessons in the second book of a new way of learning strings and strings “Fasaneh” performed by Abu Atta, Rast Panjgah with Vaziri Orchestra with the voice of Iraj Bastami “Meeting East and West” (Morgh Sahar) performance of Morgh Sahar with the voice of Fazel Jamshidi and also the performance of 8 world-famous songs composed by Western celebrities with strings and piano accompaniment by Maziar Heydari “Dandelion” is a solo with a poem by Jaleh Sadeghian from the works of contemporary poets “East of Sorrow” performance of string and string orchestra in the first two parts: Iranian and then: music of different eras of the West with the collaboration of Omid Nikobin, Navid Mostafa Pour and Behnam Abolghasem. “Gypsy Unemployed” performance of silent compositions with Vaziri Orchestra with the voice of Iraj Bastami in the theme of Shoushtari and Shoor. “Mahbanoo”, old compositions, honest song definition “Night with the Sun” “Cypress Blood Monument” “Life” with the voice of Saeed Lari “Mehr Song” (not published in Iran) Composing, composing, and performing ten programs in the style of “Eternal Flowers” called “Immortal Songs” commissioned by the Radio and Television Music Unit with the words of Jaleh Sadeghian and silent solo and Hassan Nahid (reed) and Mahmoud Mohammadi (clarinet) and Sina Jahanabadi (fiddle) ) And with the performance of Vaziri Orchestra and recording of Mr. Saber and Ms. Bakhshaish and the voice of Salar Aghili, Reza Rezaei, Mohsen Rouhafza, Amir Tafti, and Fazel Jamshidi Making 15-minute programs called “Ghol-o-Ghazal”, performing with three in order to recognize and analyze the Iranian music in two narrations, one is what he wrote in his books and the second is the narration of Mirza Abdullah. “Dance of the Fingers” “Moscow Travel Memorial Recorded in the Studio of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory” “Mitraud Mahtab” with the voice of Salar Aghili. “When the rain comes” with the voice of Sina Sarlak and on the poems of Hormoz Nasser Sharifi Books 12 volumes of books for strings and strings “Let’s Play String and String” has been published in 10 volumes, of which 6 volumes have been published so far. (For 5 years of training) “Lightball” 18 Four percussions for strings and strings “Ten exercises of 10 etudes” for strings and strings “With the Wave to the Shore”, the notes of a number of songs from the albums “East of Sorrow” and “Night with the Sun” “Permanent movement” 20 etudes for strings and strings “Lotus Wheel” 20 exercises for strings and strings “Eight world-famous songs”. Classical sheet music available in the album “Didar Shargh va Gharb”. “In the Shadow of the Willow Star” (15 four simple percussions) An applied row of Iranian national music

  • Birthday: 05.07.1961
  • Birthplace: Mashhad, Khorasan, Iran
  • Interview date: 24.12.2016 – 01.02.2017

Musician, Composer and Instrumentalist

Bijan Kamkar

Hossein Alizadeh

Mohammad Reza Darvishi

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